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What was the Jeffrey Lichtman controvery?

The trial of the renowned Mexican drug trafficker, Joaquín Guzmán, is maybe one of the most commented events in recent months. El Chapo as best known, was for more than two decades that the chief of a group of drug traffickers known as El Cartel de Sinaloa, also getting the most wanted criminal in the entire planet. After several flows and slides, eventually in 2016 Guzmán was detained and a year after he had been extradited to the land of the United States to keep him under arrest in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, New York, that is characterized by its high-security procedures.

Back in November 2018, the juvenile prosecution of Chapo Guzmán started, who would count in his shield with Jeffrey Lichtman Lawyer. For what there was no waiting time was for the allegations that undoubtedly generated controversy in the court.This is due to the fact that Jeffrey Lichtman controvery, in his commencement speech, pointed out prior to the courtroom that Joaquín”El Chapo” Guzmán, wasn’t really the chief of the cartel, but that he worked as a weak of Ismael”El Mayo”Zambada, yet another likely drug trafficker who is a part of the cartel’s direction, and that at the second keeps his freedom as a consequence of the bribes he gets to the country’s high control, where both the president and yesteryear, get large sums of cash so they don’t interfere in drug marketing actions.

Given that the judge accountable for Brian Cogan, issued a warning to Jeffrey Lichtman , pointing out that his allegations are stored away from the instant and circumstantial evidence, therefore it would be necessary to provide guidelines to another juries to center on the signs. In addition, he added that the start announcement is misleading and the case will not be charged.To read about these shocking statements and follow every one of the details of this famous trial, it’s recommended to enter the following website -opening-statement-Mexican-presidents-bribes.

February 6, 2019