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Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) and it is impact upon everyday existence

Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) refers to almost all these designs present in character which are element of its fundamental composition. This has recently been part in the our ancestors knowledge that has been forgotten for any time, but in current many years has regained strength in order to clarify knowing the universe, each the surface and the inner universe regarding each and every particular person.

The usage of sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) implies a personal growth and also self-knowledge from the particular person that comes to the girl to understand the particular universe as well as project the woman’s deepest needs towards your pet. It permits the expansion of mind along with a brand new point of view which gives a different picture from the world as well as nature.

These ideas, though associated with principle may be believed to possess an esoteric tilde, happen to be described and confirmed by contemporary technology, finding the figures within all dynamics in every of the molecules that make up a person’s becoming.
There are many figures explained from the Sacred geometry (geometria sagrada) and its meaning, then a number of them are presented being a reference manual: the point represents the beginning and also end of all creation in the world, the group may be the integrality of the whole, the spirals are the mark that represents infinity, as well as referring to constant enlargement.

The toroids will be the simple kind of creation; it represents a group with internal chambers which coincide with the physiognomy from the human heart. Vesica Piscis symbolizes the union from the semen and also the egg cell.
The figures in three measurements called Innocent solids have already been the representation of the basic elements regarding nature through ancient ethnicities. All these components exist inside the Metatron, a figure that symbolizes the angel responsible for keeping a bad tone of God.

Alternatively may be the flower of existence is one of the figures discovered in ancient texts created from circles that can come with each other harmoniously and is the rendering of space and period.
There are numerous mathematical figures contained in nature, each a single clos the secret regarding creation from its simplicity.

November 5, 2018